The Global water availability decreases threatening.

The situation is particularly dramatic in Africa , as it predicts only an extremely poor water infrastructure verfügt.Die UNESCO a dramatic shrinkage of water availability in 2025 and beyond. This forecast is justified by continuously increasing water consumption , caused by both global economic growth as well as the spread of intensive consumption lifestyles in so-called third countries.

A water crisis is triggered

A water crisis is a state of drought . It is an alarming situation which has emerged in particular in arid and semi-arid regions of the world because there have settled people and learn through natural cycles , awkward land use, population trends or problematic political and technical measures a lack of water.

If water is lacking, this may also relate to inadequate water quality. Although the Earth has large amounts of sea water , but this is without desalination technology for humans, animals and plants can not be used as water for drinking or washing.

The pollution of groundwater or surface water can cause this can not be used as drinking water or for irrigation of crops and thus increases the water shortage situation.

A drop in the water table, for example, caused by river regulation , groundwater extraction , groundwater barriers or changes in climate can lead to desertification or Dessertifikation.

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