1. What does the name Pronalife stand for?

Protection of natural life lines

2. How many organisations should I divide my donation between?

Think carefully about how to share out your charity budget. Do not divide your available funds between too many relief organisations and don’t change the organisations you support too frequently. When making donations, concentrate on a small number of carefully selected organisations. This makes it easier for your seriousness to be verified, and minimises the overheads of advertising and administration.

3. Can I offset my donation against tax?

Where organisations, foundations and other bodies are recognised by the tax office as non-profitmaking, benevolent or serving a purpose related to a place of worship, donations can be taken into account for the purpose of reducing your tax burden. You can often identify benefit to the public with regard to tax from information to that effect in advertising and educational materials. Pronalife is acknowledged to be an organisation that is of benefit to the public.

4. Are donations of goods more useful that donations of money?

No. Donations of money can be used more flexibly than donations of goods and do not involve the relief organisation in any transportation costs. Another factor is that many products can be bought more cheaply locally, and this also boosts the economy in the destination region. The recommendation is that donations of goods should be made only when relief organisations specifically request them. It is important that you should only donate those items that the relief organisation has expressly requested. Otherwise transportation problems can occur, extra storage costs may be incurred, or goods may go off before they reach their destination. In the case of collections of second-hand clothing it is important to make sure that items are clean and of good quality. Damaged and dirty items only have to be taken out through a sorting process. Pronalife is always delighted to receive old jewellery or other valuables since these are quick and easy to turn into money for aid projects, and can also be sent in the post.

5.  What does Pronalife mean?

Pronalife is an abbreviation of the organisation’s full name, Protection of natural life lines e.V, which translates into German as: Schutz den natürlichen Lebensadern. This is an organisation that has dedicated itself to using solar energy to desalinate seawater in order not only to help people in regions affected by crisis, but to provide people living in such regions with the gift of life.

6. How secure is the transfer of my donation?

This connection is encrypted specifically for our bank (Bank für Sozialwirtschaft).

7. Can I work directly with Pronalife?

Pronalife if happy to receive any speculative application for work in a wide range of different fields. Our strength is in our teamwork.

8. How does this kind of seawater desalination plant work?

It uses energy from the sun to turn seawater into steam. When the steam condenses, the condensate is salt-free and ready for use. Depending on the degree of technical complexity, between 6 and 30 litres of drinking water can be produced per day by each square metre of solar panel.

9. Where can such seawater desalination plants be set up?

In any African country that borders onto the sea, including: Equatorial Guinea, Algeria, Angola, Benin, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea- Bissau, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania and Togo.

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