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Construction of nuclear power plant `s increasing worldwide back


This week is the anniversary of the nuclear power plant accident of Fokushima for the second time . Two years of suffering , pain and longing to return to normalcy . Countries such as Germany , Belgium and Switzerland draw

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The ice is getting thinner


Over the years shows that the polar ice caps in the Arctic and in the Antarctic melt away dramatically . Only within the last 20 years, the ice at the North and South Pole has decreased by 4.000 billion tons.

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Deforestation at record low


Good news from the South American continent. Satellite records indicate that the clearing and deforestation of the rain forests in South America is at its lowest level since 1988. This is thus the lowest value since recording for about 25

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Fracking – concealed desperation


Fracking is a method to use by the onset of toxic chemicals in natural gas reserves , the longest are actually no stocks . It is also , unfortunately, a way to satisfy the greed of a few conglomerates .

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Masanobu Fukuoka


Masanobu Fukuoka was first microbiologist and then became a farmer . His books are standard works in permaculture. Fukuoka’s philosophy of doing nothing – farming The concept of the Japanese farmers for natural agriculture is: Nature is able to get

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The Global water availability decreases threatening.


The situation is particularly dramatic in Africa , as it predicts only an extremely poor water infrastructure verfügt.Die UNESCO a dramatic shrinkage of water availability in 2025 and beyond. This forecast is justified by continuously increasing water consumption , caused

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