What drives us on

What drives us on….

The 85 richest people in the world have the same capacity
as the poor half of the world’s population. The wealthy elite dominated the economic choices of the world,
Democracy law could be, the rich could influence political decisions
– Both in developed and in developing countries.
A survey in the six countries USA, UK, Spain, Brazil, India and South Africa
have shown that most people are of the opinion,
the laws in favor of the wealthy would bent.

“We can not hope to win the fight against poverty, without the problem of
Combat “inequality.
The issue of privileges on one side and deprivation on the other side threatened
to spread over generations.

“We will soon live in a world in which equal opportunities are only a dream”.
In a world where 1% of the population 40% of the wealth has, in a world that die in the day 34,000 children Duch poverty and preventable diseases, and in the lives on less than $ 2 a day 50% of the world population, we must act.
Who does not respect the earth, it destroys, who as one’s own does not respect all life, becomes a murderer. Man believes sometimes that he is the owner, has been elevated to the ruler. This is a mistake. He’s just a part of the whole. Its role is that of a guardian, an administrator, not a exploiter. Man has responsibility, not power. We think in any decision on the seventh of the coming generations. It is our job to ensure that people who are yet unborn generations a world to find ourselves, which is not worse than ours – and hopefully better.

Oren Lyons, chief of the Onondaga

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Uwe Förster
Executive Director

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