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Is the fact of not being able longer watch idly by as millions of people have to die, just because we do not manage to share it our experiences and ideas.

There is ample space on our planet. Not only for us, even for the so-called “Third World”. It is not the “Third World”, it is not even the “Second. We only have this one thing. “Third world says is determined only to push it as far as possible The” problem “!

To quote the band “Fettes Brot“: “Seh a child in his sad eyes ne fly sits. White that that’s really cruel, but shit man, I feel nothing.
Or: But why can I now not even the more frightened when people die somewhere in dirty water. Read more here

The Pronalife principle

How often do we hear this sentence? How often he goes through the media? The clock strikes eleven fifty-five.
In fact, this stage was exceeded years ago. 780 million people suffer from lack of water. If we do not take the reins in his hand, the consequences are unstoppable. Pronalife builds desalination plants in Africa, the poorest continent on earth. Here, the people fought for years for survival. Here, the adequate supply of water is essential for survival. Chronic water shortages and unclean water often lead to drought, disease and famine.
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Technical implementation

Seawater desalination plants In arid countries, a desalination plant is often the only way people and agriculture to supply them with fresh water.
Modern seawater desalination plants tend to work in sunny areas, so that offer “free” forms of energy. The figure below shows a Entsalzungsanalge, which relies on the use of Sonnenernergie.

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