Every person has a fundamental right to clean drinking water

For several weeks the theme that circulates water , the fabric of our lives, is to be privatized . Price increases and possible loss of quality of drinking water are just the beginning . Much more , the question arises whether it is morally correct to have to obtain water from private conglomerates ? Water, the source of all life on Earth , becomes a mere object of speculation .

Accordingly, it is anticipated that in such a case , companies pursue price fixing which is possible by poor transparency readily . This could be similar to the structure of the oil companies see . Portugal was forced and now pays 4 times the original water price.

The ” Right2Water ” initiative has already collected more than 1 million signatures against the privatization of drinking water. Actually, a great outcry against this plan . However, the success of this initiative is uncertain. Bureaucratic aspects compel the supporters of this initiative to collect votes from at least seven EU Member States , must be where predetermined rates achieved. Previously, these requirements were only three Member States met ( Germany , Belgium and Austria ) . The participation in such countries as Italy is participation in one-third of the required rate , in other states it is even even less. Unfortunately, all hurdles have to be taken to ensure that the Commission adopts this topic at all.

An article from: Benjamin Simonis

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