The Pronalife principle


How often do we hear this sentence?
How often is it bandied around in the media?
The clock is poised at “five to twelve”.
We actually passed beyond this stage years ago.
780 million people suffer from a shortage of water.
Unless we really take the bull by the horns now there will be absolutely no way to avoid the consequences.

Pronalife constructs seawater desalination plants in Africa, the most impoverished continent in the world. People have been struggling to survive here for many long years. Maintaining an adequate water supply is essential for people’s survival in Africa. Chronic water shortages and pollution result time and again in drought, epidemic and starvation.
The Pronalife principle provides a way to produce water sustainably using solar-powered seawater desalination plants.
The water gained in this way provides a basis for survival of the population through agriculture.

The Pronalife principle represents a cycle of self-sufficiency.

Areas that used to be dry wasteland are transformed into green, cultivated areas that bind CO2 into plants. The binding of CO2 is a long-term counteraction to the threat of global warming.

As soon as you want to take action you must lock doubt outside the door.
Quotation from Friedrich Nietzsche

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