Masanobu Fukuoka

Masanobu Fukuoka was first microbiologist and then became a farmer . His books are standard works in permaculture.

Fukuoka’s philosophy of doing nothing – farming

The concept of the Japanese farmers for natural agriculture is: Nature is able to get even , they do not need human intervention .

This force of nature Masanobu Fukuoka uses through its deliberate combination of different plants. He uses the ecological balance for the protection of crops from pests and nutrient enrichment of the soil. His fields and gardens are rich in plants and animals and must be neither plowed nor chemically fertilized.

By selectively observing the natural processes recognizes Fukuoka, when is the right time for sowing is and what plants harmonize best . It only takes a very place where it is necessary to obtain the useful plants , which he would like to have . The fertilizing and pest protection he leaves nature. Because he needs to do nothing, except to sow and reap. With the help of this agricultural method could be – according to the testimony of Fukuoka – on little face comfortable the supply of people with enough food to make sure that not only makes sick , but at the same time causes as medicine good health. Provided, however, that raising people on a seasonal and regional ( and low in meat ) diet and do not take more and more exotic food to him and ask for this at times when it does not provide the nature. Masanobu Fukuoka was also known by its double crop rotation without plowing the same site. In exchange , he sows rice and winter barley. For weed control and nutrient supply of the soil with nitrogen, it uses primarily white clover ( a legume growing everywhere .

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