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New Partners:
Austrian Solar Fountain secure water supply in developing countries

The Austrian company NSP-New Solar Pump eU from St. Veit an der Glan offers multi award-winning solar-powered pumping stations, which can improve the water supply in many developing countries: by network-independent formation of the solar fountain a simple supply of drinking water from several hundred meters depth is everywhere possible where otherwise deep wells only with elaborate hand pumps weather-dependent wind turbines or power generators could be operated.

The maintenance-free solar fountain can pump water from wells with depths of over 150 meters. They are both to operate new wells and already to replace existing hand pumps and water turbines. Photovoltaic ensures the power supply to a brushless electric motor. This drives the transmission that enables a pump rod in an up and down motion. Is the subsequent linkage to the pump piston, which then conveys the water to the surface above the well bottom.

Due to the simple technical concept of the structure of the solar well may be performed without expensive tools and with standard tools. And by the salt water-resistant pump station, the solar fountains are not only suitable for water supply and for irrigation in agriculture, but also to the salt water treatment. The NSP (New Solar Pump) was designed by Dietmar Stuck, who was able to draw in the development of many years of experience as a well driller in Europe, Africa and Australia.

NSP has a longstanding commitment to a safe water supply in developing countries and provides aid organizations discounts on the solar pump station. For the development desSolarbrunnens but also for the social commitment the company has received in recent years, among other things, the Energy Globe Award and the Social Impact Award.

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  1. eine wirklich gute Sache..!!

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